Nothing's Ever Finished

by Pigboat

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Harry Harrison
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Harry Harrison A fantastically fun filled rockin' romp with punk influences and great vocals. Can’t really think of any other way to describe it. I’d love to see these guys live. I reckon they’d go off and the pit would be ferocious. A great little album that always gets my foot tapping and wacks a smile on my dial. Favorite track: Brown Eyes And Choker.
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ Stunning mix of grunge/stoner/desert rock with dark but quite humorous lyrics that as well as bringing a smile to your face will also make you think! This is a superb album from a really talented band. Highly recommended. Favorite track: Neckfinger.
Scumbag thumbnail
Scumbag Loud, noisy and truly rockin' in every sense! This is in-your-face groove/stoner metal that incorporates punk pacing and rawness... not to mention the continuation of the tongue-in-cheek attitude and fun first evident in Mark and Ed's previous band, Broken Clown (also to be found on Bandcamp)! Favorite track: Happy Go Rocket Terrapinmon.
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Released by the Entertainment Experiment


released October 25, 2006




Pigboat Maine

Hi, we're Pigboat. We're a band from Portland, Maine. We play loud rock music in small clubs in front of people that love us and occationally get to play loud music in big clubs in front of people that look at us weird. We've got a great group of friends (fans?) that come to our shows and we've released a lot of music over the past 9 years. ... more

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Track Name: Ask For Mussell Ramsey
If I wait 'till Monday
I still won't believe you
So I keep on fuming
Like it's only Friday
Yes. I know I'm ugly
Thanks for the reminder
Just in case I ever
Thought I could be worth anything

You made your point

I don't need to meet the
Cock you're bouncing on now
If it's all the same I'd
Simply rather not know
I need a cigarette
Like I want a shotgun
For all the wrong reasons
And, of course RIGHT NOW

All better now?
You're warm inside?
On top again
All better now

The sticky side of friendship
Sour tastes and handshakes
Nothing is ever bitter
When you refine sugar
But for those of us who
Work the plantation
Please forgive us when we
Dream of 1793

You made your point
Track Name: Johnny Cash Rides His Coal Car Through Purgatory
Someday they'll lay you out at peace
You died of old age, not VD
You weren't the type to overdose
Or stick a shotgun down your throat

You might think that you've got it made
For your existence past the grave
You weren't a saint, but far from monster
Perhaps you could have had it wrong

It's always hard to live up
To standards that Man-Gods hold up
He promises that you'll get forgiveness
But never said you'd get it NOW

Your mamma never taught you this
'Cause you weren't brought up Catholic
That every action has a price
That you must pay for when you die

'Cause Heaven's only for the pure
Not for shut-ins soiled with porn
You need some time to work the filth off
Harvesting children in the mines

A place where nothing really grows
Quite well enough to make you whole
Not wholly bad, but it could use improvement
Who'd fill a Koi pond up with toads?

And every Limbo boy and girl
Slightly unfit for gates of pearl
Wake up for work every morning
To fill the hoppers up with souls

Not the worst job you've ever had
But still, the distance keeps you sad
Though every day still gets you closer
To the so long promised reward

And though Luther doesn't believe it
You load the cars with the unborn
To send them up for distribution
Upon the loving breath of God

Some say the worst job in the place
Is held by the one who drives the train
'Cause only they see what they're truly missing
But aren't allowed to hang around
Track Name: Neckfinger
I'm sorry you don't like the way I broke your eggs
I'll light a candle for you next time I go to pray
It's alright
It's alright
Another lie you tell to yourself
It's alright
It's alright
It will go away

I bet you look like Auschwitz without all your clothes
But the smirk on your face says you like it that way
I'm worthy
They like me
Another lie you know that you tell
It's alright
It's alright
It will go away

What better way to demonstrate you're in control?
Than to make him pay your way all night
then throw it up alone
'Cause you know you're not pretty
That's a secret you think you keep to yourself
It's alright
It's alright
It's alright
We don't matter anyway

Poor baby
Poor baby
No focus on you
Poor baby
Poor baby
Poor baby
No one worships you

You might be useful if you made pornography
But until then you're just anathema to me
Another self-righteous cunt who thinks that
Everything's about her
It's alright
It's alright
It's alright
We don't listen anyway

Poor baby
Poor baby
Poor baby
No focus on you Poor baby
Poor baby
Poor baby
No one worships you
Track Name: Happy Go Rocket Terrapinmon
Nothing's ever finished it just gets put down
To rear its head when it's convenient to the cause
And I'm made to confess sins not known to be taboo to you
A scapegoat to ride out of town
in the name of what you can't control

And Oh by the way
Did you see someone still had to go to work today?
Holding his eyes in his palms
'Cause the sleep isn't there
And the cash don't go far enough

To give you all you want would be viewed as a start
An act of compliance
Opening doors to let the real changes begin
An annexation of a soul that only wants to stop the rain
Only to have your soggy feet wiped on its face when you come in

Oh By the way
Did you say, something managed to still go wrong today?
Away from the magnetic pull of
Cigarettes and the chocolate fix
I am the drain through which will pass
The tedium and sloth of the world
Holding you back from the dreamhouse world
You painted for yourself

Before you twist the knife you wave it in my face
(Look at this just look at this)
And hold me liable for trespasses of others
(You are them you made me do this)
I stare at Karo eyes that can't even see the prey is here
(Eyes, eyes, your empty eyes)
To receive the passive aggressive abuse
To bolster your self worth

Oh by the way
Did you say something still managed to go wrong today?
Despite the assistance of
Your psychic friends and the Prozac stash
I am the drain through which will pass
The tedium and sloth of the world
Holding you back from the dreamhouse world
You painted for yourself
Track Name: Brown Eyes And Choker
All I've got is an index card, probability and a wire
Keeping me in a self made state of agoraphobia
Rewards are paid to the bold
But the timid still have options
So I stare at the telephone
But the circuit never seems to close

Hours feel like desperate years full of beards and coconuts
Searching for a random plane
That only turns out to be another albatross

It's hard to recall the shape of your face
After seeing the depth in your eyes
Theological mathematics capsuled in a single frame
Your aura is like getting shot by a dart full of endorphins
Unable but to submit to what I hope is benevolence

I don't play free cell because it stimulates my mind
Falling sand to remind me I'm sitting busy doing nothing

You ask me if I know I'm smarter than the average bear
And I ask what does it matter
When I look how far its got me
My epic mastery of the wrong place at the right time
Atrophies ambition into dreams of a drunken Mitty

I could put all this to rest but I'm afraid what the answer is
Words ricochet inside my head but never escape to the air
Giving in to O.C.D. 'cause I can't seem to smoke enough
What's the point of knowing you could
When you're pretty sure that you won't?

If I could distil signals I would be a wealthy man
Instead of a fat-assed shut in watching Aqua Teen
And waiting for my Onion Burst

You ask me if I know I'm smarter than the average bear
And I ask what does it matter
When I look at all the good its done me
I'm just a teenage boy in a rapidly decaying shell
Who lost the luster being smarter than the average bear