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Harry Harrison
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Harry Harrison More great hard rock just like mama used to make. Mix big riffs with catchy hooks. Add a stead rhythm section and stir in a little grunge with a pinch of stoner influences. Then sprinkle with punk. Just don't bother to let settle 'cause this type of mixture never will, and nor should it. Serve raw. Another enjoyable feast from Pigboat. Recommend serving suggestion is LOUD! Favorite track: Ho Ho Whatever.
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Zhakathoom I might be miles off the intended purpose of this band, but to me they come off a bit as heavy metals version of Primus, or Tenacious D: Professionality with a hint of humor.

And I like it. I like it a lot! :D Favorite track: ... And The Wings Of The Eagle Are Brown.
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Pigboat's first full length album is will pummel you with it's girth. Massive songs, big riffs, and their recognizable sound: noisy and loud, but melodic and moody.

Released by the Entertainment Experiment, 2009


released April 21, 2009

Produced by Wally and Mark

Recorded and Mixed at Wallyworld (A Division of Walco Industries, Ltd.) Portland, Maine, USA

Mastered by Scott Elson at Acadia Recording, Portland, Maine

Art Direction and Layout by The Fuge




Pigboat Maine

Hi, we're Pigboat. We're a band from Portland, Maine. We play loud rock music in small clubs in front of people that love us and occationally get to play loud music in big clubs in front of people that look at us weird. We've got a great group of friends (fans?) that come to our shows and we've released a lot of music over the past 9 years. ... more

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Track Name: Spook 234 / Never Say Terence
Like a yellow stain on white pants
You pretend it doesnt exist
And do your best to hide until the end of the day

Hoping that no one noticed
The brief parade of your shame
When you got up to get another pile of work

Cause once is tragic
And twice is funny
But three times is just sad

And there you're found the next morning
Feet hanging out of the door
Pointed Earthward towards your frozen concrete steps

And none of the neighbors can tell
If you're alive or you're dead
As you lie snoring in a pile of your own sick

Cause once is funny
And twice is tragic
But three times is just sad

You hope that no one noticed
The brief parade of your shame
They all respect you,
Wouldn't laugh behind your back

But its yellow, after all,
And triggers something prurient
Everyone turns thirteen when they see you pass by

Cause once is tragic
And twice is funny
But three times is just sad
Track Name: Pussycat, Pussycat, Kill, Kill, Kill
Every fiber of my being
Is potential energy
I can't hear a word you're saying
I only see you bleeding

I want to kill
Meow, meow, meow

The simple fact that you exist
Makes me want to harvest your soul
Coiled up to go angry feral
Taking nourishment from your pain

I can almost taste it
Meow, meow, meow
Track Name: Cowboys, I Think
It's flat and dusty
You can see me coming for miles
No trees to conceal my air
That's why you live here, maybe

Somehow you know
Maybe you just smell it
That's why you bar the door
Standing by the window shaking

You must be afraid of me
Long before you can even see me

Lips tight you're trying
The prey that dare not show its fear
There ain't nothin for you here, stranger
That's why you live here, maybe

You'd rather shoot me
Than to bother and get to know me
Just get back on your horse and ride
Any way but closer to me
That's why I came here
Cause you don't live here
I'll tell your face, I'll tell your corpse
Don't you ever mess with Texas
Track Name: Ho Ho Whatever
I will tell you that I'm alright when I'm not
That's all you want to hear anyway
You don't care I'm at the end of my rope and alone
I'm sure you've got your own problems to solve
I can call you cause it's Christmas
And the right thing to do
Really wanting just to prove I'm alive
To dispel the illusion I'm angry at you
It just never seems the time or the place to complain

But if it's all the same to you
I'll crawl away and lick my wounds
And watch them fester by myself
Denying that they're infected at all

Is it curious to God the things we never discard
The finger holes we always use to hang on?
The fantasies and addictions that pull us along
I'm sure hes got some bigger problems to solve
So I'm certain you don't want to hear I'm falling apart
That's not the kind of call you wish to receive
When I'm less a person than I am a thing
It just never seems the time or the place to complain

But if it's all the same to you
I'll still pretend that it's all good
And do my best not let on
That you're the salt that hurts and heals
Cause if you knew I fear you'd run
Or worse than that I fear you'd pounce
So I'll just keep biting my big fat lip
If it would be all the same to you
Track Name: I Wouldn't Have Spent That Year In College
Dear Mr. Horse I can feel the walls are closing in
Please could you help me
it just all seems so freaking pointless
My candy dish is filled with razor blades
Immersed in antifreeze
What am I supposed to do when my hair gets wet when I'm in the tub?

Please Mr. Horse
Please Mr. Horse
Please Mr. Horse
Help me out of here

Dear Mr. Horse I've had just as much as I can take
Every days a rainy window waiting for my Grizzlebys
I try to clean the stove but only ever seem to clean the back
Why do you always scream when I try to make Pop Tarts in the tub?
Track Name: The Less Than Successful Shakedown Cruise Of The U.S.S. Pfeifle
It's getting colder and I know I'm never returning
It's only a matter of time 'till the structure implodes
You're probably making some lunch
'cause that's what you should do now
And no one's aware that they need to inform you to mourn

The union boys said
That the welds would hold
But they are not here with us now

The weight of the water above may as well be boulders
Walking the halls well aware that this is where it ends
They sent us out to see if their vessel was worthy
They'll get their answer but never will get back their boat

Nine miles away
And twelve leagues up
You think you miss me now
Track Name: You Were Always On My Mind
My heart races when I hear your name
I think about you now every day
Many know you but few of them trust you
And those who do are rightly looked on as fools

The silent muse of a thousand songs and stories
All are emphatic but not all of them good
We both tell lies to get what we're after
And worry later just who will pay the bill

I know you're no good for me
We keep secrets we don't want to tell
Cause anywhere you go
To anyone who knows you
You'll always be the focus of the room

I try to hide the fact we recently spoke
Even from those who know that we've met
The fact we're meeting would just raise suspicion
And there's no time to hear a lecture from them

And so we hide out in stairwells and bathrooms
Minding time to not be seen
Then mill about like nothing happened
Wipe our noses and bitch about the cold

My hands are shaking
I'm shivering my fingertips are cold
My heart does butterflies
Merely thinking of you
Not noticing that I've been up all night

You're like an itch
I cant reach with my tongue
Make me forget
I don't impress anyone
Say Ill be good
But here I am again
Face down in you
Face down in you again
Track Name: Drone
Stare at the walls when there's nobody here
Pull down the shades, 'cause I hate the sunshine
Every day turns out just like the last
Someday it will stop and nothing much will really change

And I am just part of the hive

Parts are replaced when machines start to break
Eventually winding up on the scrap pile
And what makes you so different that anyone will notice when you're gone?

I won't change nothing at all
Just another maggot in the pile

Free will is irrelevant
Just a weird coincidence
Busy monkeys with busy delusions
Just another maggot in the pile
Track Name: Hey, My DAD's Name Is Buzz
You probably wouldn't mind it half as much
If you thought you could get it off you
Half the reason that it itches so much
Is so you'll help it make more things that itch

Barbie knows she has a limited shelf life
That's exactly why she hates you so much
Trying to get you to eat more fresh fruit
Only helps to wear out her features and furniture

I'd advise that you don't open that door
Something dead decays in there
Keep your mouth shut, I've been meaning to throw it out
I'm just waiting for the courage to go in there

You sold you soul for a golf shirt
With a logo embroidered on the left breast
Does the dais of corpses you stand on
Substitute the respect and affection

But I doubt it could hang on as well if
It didn't have teeth sunk into your neck
And as the poison eats through your insides
We just shrug and say you need your rest
Track Name: Chicken Little Vs. Snidely Whiplash (Kissinaminit)
Standing opposing face to face
Your left looks like my right
If one of us turns to side by each
We see it essentially the same
But if both spin it's back to back
The inevitable position of duels
One more about the glove
Than about anything that was said

When did this become a cult?

Two Coins Two Faces
We have our favorites
Remeber they're both facing heads
You want a lollypop
While I say you should get to eat what you kill
Two different foods two different tastes
Ironically, both from the market
Flowers and flesh a shared disdain
Of the prey and the purely symbolic

You say the sky is falling
I say we're on a bigger pile
You scream pudding for all
While I shout candy comes from a factory
Two different foods two different tastes
Ironically, both from the market
Flowers and flesh a shared disdain
Of the prey and the purely symbolic

When did this become a cult?

You fear Baptists with rifles and oil wells
While I fear men in uniforms with cameras and cattle cars
Before this conversation started we were only fast friends
But I say one thing we can be sure of

If only one of us is right,
They're still coming for both of us

When did this become a cult?
Track Name: ... And The Wings Of The Eagle Are Brown
Their friend was dead
Cut down in his prime
And hung as a message
To those of like mind
Sit down and shut up
Or you'll get the same

So they got the message
And moved underground
Waiting in patience
For the fix of it all
The Devil ain't coming
He lives over there

Just because you live there
Doesn't mean you don't want to see it burn
Like a giant television
Blowing up in front of all the world
They might have done it
To say that it's time
They might have done it
To make sure it was time

And it makes me wonder
If the people living next door
Ache to see a repeat
Of what went on in 64

Now look around you at all that you see
All that you hold dear
And all that you own
Now imagine the distaste
If it wasn't yours

Like a diamond Mercedes
Illegally parked
You just want to break it
Or see it get towed
Really, just because it isn't yours